Un nouvel opéra pour Dido

Marzena Krzeminska PL

Propagande C
Creation 2019-2020

Synopsis :
A New Opera for Dido by Marzena Krzeminska is a ‘pop’ version of Henry Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas for 4 eccentric characters (dancers and singers).
The creative process will integrate a precise study of the original Baroque composition of the opera: dramatic declamations, short arias, polyphonic songs, traditional English songs and comic elements. Those forms will be reinterpreted: the dramatic declamations will take a form of «slam», the traditional song might be coming not only from England but also from Eastern Europe, short arias might be performed as pop songs. We will try to keep comic elements.

List of 3 issues that I wish to avoid in my work  (by Marzena Krzeminska) :

Superficial process
I would like to avoid the promotion of the superficiality of contemporary culture by involving myself in the process that pretends to talk about something without taking responsability to genuinely question the reality we are living in.

Easy to consume product
I would like to avoid preparation of ‘easy to consume’ performance based on one idea, sort of ‘jumping piece’ or ‘shaking piece’, that would be extremely simple in the form and very explicit in the description. I think that we live in a very complex world or maybe better, that our experience of life might be very complex and it should be expressed in the complex form. The ambition to create such a form includes taking risk of entering into the chaos and finding the way back out of it, enriched by this journey.

False democracy or a collective work where nobody wants to take the responsability
The artistic process is usually a collective process with shared responsability. I would like to avoid a situation where one (usually a choreographer) is put in the position of ‘knowing everything’ and the dancers are put in the position of ‘the puppets in her hands’. It is important for me that each participant of the project keeps his ‘identity’ and any dancer is not treated as a ‘carte blanche’, that choreographer can project on, whatever idea she wants. Creation is a process of negotiation between the choreographer and the dancers, between all the participants of the project. The aim is to find new agreements, new ways of organizing within the group, to find new theatre, new rituals and new ways to acheive katharsis.

Artistic director Marzena Krzeminska
Performers Marzena Krzeminska, Simon Tanguy, Karolina Kraczkowska, Katarzyna Sitarz
Outside eye Vera Mantero
Music Jérémy Rouault

Production Propagande C
Partners in progress


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